Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services

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Vials for Paternity Testing - Houston, TX

Drug Screening & Paternity Testing in Houston, TX

At Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of tests and exams that are laser focused on accuracy. While we are known for drug screening and paternity testing in Houston, TX, we also offer breathalyzer tests and approved physicals for DOT workers. Get in touch with us to discuss employee drug testing and other on-site services.

DNA Testing

  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • Immigration DNA Testing
  • Forensic DNA Paternity or Relationship Testing
  • Legal Drug Test (for the courts)
  • Non Legal DrugTest (for personal use or knowledge)

Alcohol Testing

  • Breath Alcohol Test

Drug Testing /5-17 Panel

  • Hair Drug Test
  • Urine Drug Test
  • Saliva Drug Test
  • Onsite Drug Testing
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Post Accident Drug Testing (24/7)
  • DOT Drug Testing and Non DOT Drug Testing
  • DOT Consortium Testing
  • DOT Physicals