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Vials for Paternity Testing - Houston, TX

Drug Screening & Paternity Testing in Houston, TX

At Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of tests and exams that are laser-focused on accuracy. While we are known for drug screening and paternity testing in Houston, TX, we also offer breathalyzer tests and approved physicals for DOT workers. Get in touch with us to discuss employee drug testing and other on-site services.

Delivering Accurate Results

When you need reliable and accurate test results, trust our lab to handle the work. Our technicians work efficiently to provide precise results as quickly as possible for each of the tests we perform.

Additionally, when working with law enforcement and the courts, we always follow the established chain of custody throughout our entire testing process. This ensures that the results we deliver will be admissible in court. To learn more about our forensic DNA testing procedure, reach out to our lab.

DNA Testing

At our lab we specialize in providing fast and precise DNA testing for both individuals and law enforcement. This includes tests for the following reasons:

  • Genetic Testing for Paternity
  • Immigration Testing
  • Forensic DNA Paternity and Relationship Testing

Alcohol Testing

As part of our testing for the department of transportation, we provide accurate alcohol testing with the use of breathalyzers. This helps to ensure that your employee meets the requirements set out by the DOT for driving commercial vehicles.

Drug Testing /5-17 Panel

At our lab, we offer a number of drug screening tests to employers and law enforcement to test for narcotics. We collect samples from the individual either on-site or at our lab and then proceed to process the results right away. Some of the specific drug screening services we offer include:

  • Hair Drug Test
  • Urine Drug Test
  • Saliva Drug Test
  • On-Site Drug Screening
  • Random Drug Screening
  • 24/7 Post-Accident Drug Testing
  • DOT Drug Screening
  • DOT Consortium Testing
  • DOT Physicals

Contact us to learn more about our DNA and drug testing services. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.