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Drug and Alcohol Testing in Houston, TX

Rely on Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services for superior alcohol and drug tests in Houston, TX. In 2005, US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) found 19.7 million Americans 12 and older, used illicit drugs. Of that, 17.2 million 18 and older were full- or part-time workers.

In 2004, 6.1% between age 12-17 needed alcohol treatment and 14 million, and 5.4% needed illicit drug abuse treatment. If you're a parent who suspects drug use by your child or family member, or you wish to monitor a child with a history of drug use, turn to us.

Alcohol and Drug Testing for the Workplace

Substance abuse is a serious workplace problem. Studies show substance abusers are less productive, more likely to cause injuries and accidents, and have higher health costs. Our company provides pre-employment, pre-promotion, and post-accident drug and alcohol testing, as well as reasonable suspicion and random testing, to meet your needs.

Keeping your workplace free from drugs is one of the most effective ways to maintain productivity while protecting your employees. Our company offers on-site testing, that serves as your first line of defense. Drug testing in the workplace is a cost-effective strategy, as it minimizes downtime. We come directly to your location, which means your employees won’t have to take time off for testing. Also, employees won’t have to worry about a closed testing site, eliminating the chance for delays.

Another advantage of on-site testing is that it enforces your drug and alcohol policy more effectively. Random testing performed at the worksite increases the accuracy of results while reducing instances of fraudulent methods.

Whether you are testing for alcohol or illicit substances, our testing company is here for you. Our company utilizes advanced screening methods, and our staff is highly trained to streamline the experience for your employees. With quick and accurate testing, your company will be safer while upholding productivity.

Our adaptive and flexible team provides quality service you can trust. We work with you to set up a testing site that will minimize downtime. Our testing methods are safe and respect the privacy of all participants. Request a consultation to implement drug testing at your workplace.

Alcohol Testing in Houston, TX

Methods of Alcohol and Drug Testing

The first method of testing we use is a hair test, which uses 1.5" of hair. This test detects drug use for up to 90 days and is good for detecting a history of drug use. Hair drug testing does not detect drug use until within 7 to 10 days of use. Drugs must be used at least 3 times in that window to cause a positive test. Dye, bleach, shampoo, and limited exposure to smoke do not affect the results of the hair drug test.

The second method we use is a breathalyzer test for alcohol. This test involves the use of DOT-approved equipment. The final method we use is urinalysis, which detects traces of drugs in the urine. Traces of drugs can be found within a short time after using them. Depending on the drug, these traces remain for days or weeks.

Our team can provide urinalysis via a Rapid Screen drug test that offers instant results. However, this test, while FDA-approved, is not DOT-approved. A certified SAMHSA lab should also verify it.

Alternatively, we can have a 100% accurate test complete by a federally certified SAMHSA lab with a specific chain of custody in place. This method is DOT-approved and results will be received within 48 to 72 hours. Get in touch with us today to find out more.