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DOT Drug Testing in Houston, TX

It’s not good to have questions about your workforce's safety compliance and sobriety. You want to know the truth and have the data to back it up. We will provide the information you need at Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services. Our team is thoroughly trained and capable of providing rapid and efficient DOT drug testing in Houston, TX. 

It’s vital for many industries to ensure that all employees are fully compliant with DOT drug testing standards, and that’s how we can help your business. You can rely on us to provide tests that meet each relevant standard. 

We offer 100% accurate tests conducted by a federally approved and certified US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services lab with a dedicated chain of custody system in place. This form of testing is a DOT-approved method that delivers available results within 48 to 72 hours. 

Not only do we offer such drug tests, but we also provide a range of other services. We do drug screening, which is quicker and more cost-effective than testing. You can contact us to book alcohol testing as well. If your testing requirements extend beyond the workplace, you can also count on us for DNA testing too.